This blog is produced by Cromwell Wilkes, a niche London law firm specialising in Immigration, asylum, human rights and commercial law. Formed in 2013, and named after contrary historical figures Oliver Cromwell and John Wilkes, the firm aims to deliver the highest standards of ethical behaviour and client care. Cromwell Wilkes is committed to upholding principles of access to justice, equality, and the Rule of Law. We believe that only by upholding and extending human rights and international law, and enforcing it against all individuals or countries who violate it, can extremism be curtailed, and justice and equality delivered to those now denied it. Led by an award-winning advocate we have an exceptional record of success in the Immigration Tribunals. We never take a case (or a fee) unless we believe we can make a positive difference to our clients’ lives. We seek only to uphold the law, and never to subvert it. We support campaigners for justice, equality, and human dignity wherever they are in the world.

In all its work, Cromwell Wilkes is inspired by the memory of Lord Tom Bingham of Cornhill (1933-2010) . A great jurist and humanitarian who placed the Rule of Law above all others.